„National Biology Olympiad“


Contact data

Country coordinator

Dr. Adelhaida Kerekes

Hosting institution

Ministry of Education
General Berthelot, 28-30, 45
Sector 1


Appointing institution

Romanian Ministry of Education

Gral. Berthelot Street, no. 28-30, Bucharest

Organization & structure

Main organizer institution - Romanian Ministry of Education

No. of rounds - 3 levels: local, county and national

1st - local - December-January

2nd - county - March

3rd - national - April

The national (final) round - one of the school county inspectorates (in Romania are 42 county school inspectorates). For example, in 2022 was Cluj county school inspectorate.

Number of students in first round

In the first round - local one, there are about 400 students/county, about 15000 in all country.


In general, we use multiple choice tests for local and county levels (1&2). Each school county inspectorate is responsible with producing the tests. The students take these test at a designated school.

For the national round (final one), there are theoretical tests (multiple choice type) and practical tests. A national commission, specially designated by the Ministry of Education is in charge with the elaboration of the tests. The final round takes place in a school in the county hosting the National Biology Olympiad that year.


The students have an official extra training only for national round. In general, this training lasts 2 weeks and takes place in a university.

Study materials

For the preparation of the students, the teachers may use special collections of tests, university textbooks, eventually former NBOs or IBOs tests.

Awards & prizes

For the final (national) round, the Ministry of Education and other sponsors offers: medals and certificates, free entrance to university, science books, PC, smartphone, microscope, scholarship, money.


Type of students

Secondary level school education, from 9th to 12th classrooms (15-18 years)

School year

Romanian School Year - from September to June

Biology hours/week

1 or 2 Biology hours/week

Hours of Classes/week

aprox. 25-30 all classes/week

Public Relations


The Ministry of Education publish the calendar of school Olympiads at the beginning of the school year.

Promotion contact

This information is public and posted on the ministry website:

Statistics over the years
  • 2022: 180 students from 167 schools (2% of eligible schools)

These numbers are for the national round.

Media coverage

All kind of traditional - local/national TV, journals, newspapers and Social Media


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