„Svenska Biologiolympiaden“


Contact data

Country coordinator

Renée Elfving

Hosting institution

Biology Teachers Association
Utriggaregatan 5
43136, Mölndal


Appointing institution

Biology Teachers Association


Organization & structure

The Biology Teachers Association is the main organizers of the NBO in Sweden. A group of biology teachers from upper secondary school, all part of the association, prepare the national tests and together with Uppsala University prepare the student training.

The Swedish NBO consist of two rounds. The first test is preformed sometime during February and the second test in March.

Number of students in first round

About 400 students participate in the first round


Test 1 and 2 use similar questions, mcq and questions where the student is to identify is a statement is true or false similar to the questions on the IBO. Test 1 has a majority of mcq and test 2 a majority of true or false questions.

Both test are done at the school of the participating students.


The student training is done in the middle of June during three days at Uppsala University and then the students are encourage to study Campbell on their own.

Study materials

The selected students are all given a Campbell and during the training camp the focus is on material not covered in depth in national biology curriculum. Both experienced upper secondary teachers and university teachers give the students lectures.

Half of the time during the student train is spent on practical skills.

Awards & prizes

The four selected students all get a Campbell and a diploma from the Biology Teachers Association.

Prizes given by schools vary depending on the school. Some students don’t get anything but most students

get a small prize, such as a book, some money, subscription to a science magazine etc.


Type of students

All students taking part in upper secondary school in Sweden can participate in NBO.

School year

The school year starts in the middle of August and ends in the middle of June

Biology hours/week

A minimum of 150 hours to a maximum of 250 hours

Hours of Classes/week

Minimum hours approx 2 and maximum approx 4 a week

Public Relations


Information about the NBO can be found on the website and Facebook of the Biology teachers association.

The previously participating schools also receive an email with information.

Promotion contact

The Coordinator

Media coverage

Sometimes öocal newspapers. Article in the Biology teacher association magazine.