„Syrian Biology Olympiad (SyBOly)“


Contact data

Country coordinator

President Hala Al Dakkak

Hosting institution

Distinction and Creativity Agency
Damascus East Mazzeh - Tarablus Al Gharb Street


Appointing institution

Distinction and Creativity Agency

Damascus – Syria

East Mazzeh Tarablus Al Gharb Street

Tel: +963 11 6114293 - Fax: +963 11 6114867

P.O. Box: 36862 – Damascus - Syria

Organization & structure

Distinction and Creativity Agency

4 rounds

Round #1: 24 October 2020

Round #2: 5 December 2020

Round #3: 18-19 January 2021

Round #4: 09 March 2021

Distinction and Creativity Agency is the host.


 1st and 2nd Round


the competitions took place simultaneously in 9 governorates all over the country and were hosted by the universities

both rounds were Multiple choice theoretical exams supervised by the national

scientific committee of NBO and organized by the Distinction and Creativity Agency.


3rd and 4th Round


The competition was in Damascus City.

Both theoretical and practical exams were organized by Distinction and Creativity Agency.

The theoretical exam was hosted by Eble Hotel and the practical exam was hosted by the University of Damascus.


Due to covid-19, the normal training program of NBO and IBO students was replaced by an online training program consisting of at least 10 lectures/week

covering all biology disciplines and one weekly IBO-standard quiz.

Study materials

 Special materials are available for student via the online portal of Distinction and Creativity Agency. This portal provides all scientific sources needed for preparing NBO and IBO students, this includes but not limited to textbooks, recorded lectures, recent publications and special NBO syllabus.


Type of students

NBO competition is opened for students in 10th, 11th and 12th grade from public and private schools over all the country

School year

September till June

Biology hours/week

8-12 hours a week of Training program that include lectures and quizzes

Hours of Classes/week

This is ranged between of 35 and 40 hours weekly

Public Relations


Letters, posters, social media, TV, Radio

Promotion contact

Distinction and Creativity Agency

Media coverage

social media, TV and Radio


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