„THAI Biology Olympiad“


Contact data

Country coordinator

Jakkapat Suwannakoot

Hosting institution

The Institue for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST)
924 Sukhumvit Road, -
Phra khanong, Klong Toei
10110, Bangkok
-, Thailand


Appointing institution

IPST web site,

Various organization and schools usually promote Biology Olympiad.

Press regularly covers the news of all Science Olympiad Competitions.

Organization & structure

Round 1 : A total of about 100-120 students are selected by two organizations. IPST set up an open examination in June to select 60-80 students (out of more than 12,500 students) and POSN set up Science Competition in May to select 40 students.

Round 2 : Approximately 60-70 students are selected from the first round group in August using one-half day of theoretical exam and one-half day of practical exam.  

Round 3 : Two examinations are given to students selected from the second round and the scores are combined to select 4 Thai representatives. The first examination is theoretical exam which is given in October. The second examination includes both theoretical and practical parts. The final 4 Thai representatives are selected in this round.  

Number of students in first round

about 100-120 students


IPST set up a committee to administer the test.

Test questions come from the working group set up by the committee.


Approximately sixty students participating in round 3 selection processes get two training camps. The first one is in mid-October (2 weeks) and the second one is in March-April period (1 month). 

The final 4 Thai representatives then get 2 weeks of training in June, before coming to the IBO in July.

Study materials

IPST biology books, POSN biology books,

And Campbell‘s biology text books. 

Awards & prizes

In the second round, top 5 percents of students get gold medals, the next top 10 percents get silver medals, and the next top 15 percents get bronze medals. 


Type of students

The students who would like to compete in Thai NBO must have these qualifications:

- are studying in Thai school at secondary level,

- are not over 18 years old of the current school year,

- are Thai citizen. 

School year

From mid-May to mid-March

Biology hours/week

Minimum (hours) 3 hours/week

Maximum (hours) 4 hours/week

Hours of Classes/week


Public Relations


Posters and leaflets are sent to schools every year.

This is paid for and distributed by IPST. The posters and

leaflets stimulate schools and students to participate in the NBO.

Promotion contact


Media coverage

Media mainly covers the receptions for Thai representatives when they leave for competition and when they arrive after the competition, especially at the airport. Some may invite Thai representatives for the interviews in a special TV program and the newspaper media.


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