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„Chinese Taipei Biology Olympiad Committee“

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  • Established since: 1999
  • Website: Official website
  • Website language: Chinese (Taiwan)

Contact data

Country coordinator

Prof. Yu-Chung Chiang

Hosting institution

Depart. Biological Sciences, National Sun Yat-Sen University
70 Lien Hai Road
Taiwan 804, Kaohsiung
Taiwan 80424, Republic of China, Taiwan


Appointing institution

National Sun Yat-sen University, Department of Biological Sciences

70 Lien Hai Road, Kaohsiung 80424, Taiwan, Republic of China

Organization & structure

Chinese Taipei Biology Olympiad Committee: Categorized into five groups of 20 professors from universities nationwide according to the content of questions: (A) Cytology (B) Zoology (C) Botany (D) Genetics (E) Ecology.

Four rounds of tests:Initial round(about 6000 students), Second round (about 200 students), Semi-finals (about 40 students), and final exam (about 8 students)

Initial round is on December; Second round is on January of next year; Semi-finals and final exam both are on April of next year.

Each round will have theoretical question test; in addition, there will be practical test on Semi-finals and final exam.

Number of students in first round

Approximately 6000 students.


1.Initial rounds (theoretical): multi-choices

  Location: regional senior high schools

2.Second round (theoretical): single and multi-choices,

fill-in-the-blank question.

  Location: Taipei city and Kaohsiung city

3.Semi-finals( First Selection camp):multiple choices、short-answer

question、practical exam.

  Location: NSYSU

4. Final exam:Including practical, theoretical and oral test.

 Location: NSYSU



1.Training for Theoretical Test:

This curriculum that is held in NSYSU or other universities nationwide is divided into 5 domains and is planned and conducted separately by our professor-team.

2.Training for Practical Test:

The experiments are designed by the professors and conducted in the laboratories in NTU and NSYSU under the supervision of the professors and assistance of the TAs. The training is about 14 day.

Study materials

1.High school textbooks

2.Biology texbook by Campbell et al.

3.Tests (former IBO’s and NBO’s)

Awards & prizes

The awards of winning in IBO competitions:

Gold medalist: NTD200,000

Silver medalist: NTD100,000

Bronze medalist: NTD50,000

The awardee for NBO selection get entrance for the universities according to the student’s well.


Type of students

1, High school students

2. Former National representatives are not allowed to participate any NBO tests.

School year

Standard school year: From September to June

Biology hours/week

Minimum:O~2 hr/week

Maximum:4 hr/week

Hours of Classes/week

4000-5000 students participate in NBO selection

Public Relations


The result of NBO selection will be announced on NBO web site.

Promotion contact

The Initial round, Second round, Semi-finals and final exam are held in December,February and April respectively every year. It will be announced on the website of NBO, and official documents will be issued to every senior high school. And schools will make official announcements to solist for students to join the NBO.

Statistics over the years
  • 2020: 5027 students from 164 schools (32% of eligible schools)

The number of high school students is about 678,000 and about 6,000 students participate in the NBO selection every year. As a result, approximately 0.9% of high school students participated each year in the NBO.

Media coverage

The plublic news relation of Ministry of Education will send release to media on the day the students winning the IBO competition.


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