United States

„USA Biolympiad“

United States

Contact data

Country coordinator

Advisor Kathy Frame

Hosting institution

Center for Excellence in Education
8201 Greensboro Drive, Suite 215
22102, McLean
VA, United States


Appointing institution

Center for Excellence in Education


Number of students in first round



Round 1 Open Exam 50-minute multiple choice

Round 2 Semifinal Exam

120-minute exam containing three parts:

  • Part A is primarily multiple choice questions with one answer.
  • Part B has more complex, sequenced multiple choice questions that may have several correct answers and may require calculations or extensive interpretation of graphs (see posted example). 
  • Part C may be short answer or essay and multiple true/false choice questions. .
  • Round 3 Final Exam

    Practical Examination (~6 hours)

    Theoretical Examination (~ 4 hours)


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