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Contact data

Country coordinators

Davron Tukhtaev
Gulbakhar Umarova

Hosting institution

Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Department for working with gifted students and science olympiads

Navoi Street, 2a
100187, Tashkent


Appointing institution

Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Organization & structure

The Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the main custodian and organizer of the National biology olympiad. It is organized in four rounds: First round called "the schools' stage" is coducted in over 11 thousand schools in late October of the corresponding year, second stage called "the districts' stage" is conducted in 205 districts in early November, and then "the regional stage" which is conducted in early January in 14 regions (provinces) of the country, and the final fourth stage is called Republican stage which is normally conducted in May/June. The final round is hosted and organized by the Ministry of Public Education.

Number of students in first round

138 thousand students of the last three grades at school participated in the first round of the Biology olympiad in 2020/2021 academic year.


The first round normally involves multiple choice test and oral questions. The questions for the first round are produced by biology teachers of schools.

In the second round students are given multiple choice tests, oral and pracitical prepared for all districts by the regional (province) department of public education. The tests vary according to the grades, 9th, 10th and 11th grades, and are prepared in various languages Uzbek, Russian, Karakalpak depending on the region.

The first round tests always take place in school buildings. In some cases large halls, but mostly schools are selected for conducting olympiads in 2nd and 2rd round. Negotiations are underway to conduct these tests in State Testing Center's specialized regional branches/pavillions.


10 days of extra training by recognized trainers at a summer camp, and another 10 days at a university.

Study materials

High school books, some university textbooks and university teachers' lectures, former IBOs, lectures by foreign coaches and some former team member students.

Awards & prizes

The state supports olympiad winners in the following way:

gold medalists are paid about 11,000 USD, teachers who prepared them ca. 10,000 USD;

silver medalsts receive 6,500 USD, and their teachers 5,000 USD;

bronze medalists 5,000 USD, and their teachers 4,500 USD.

Moreover, teachers who prepared medalist students receive 100% surplus to their monthly salaries over the course of the next academic year, in addition to the similar surplus to be paid to the school director.

Medalist students get admission to university department of their choice in the country.


Type of students

All types schools regardles of ownership with teaching of grades 9-10-11 can partcipate in the NBO.

School year

September to May

Biology hours/week

2 hours in general secondary schools, up to ten hours in specialized schools or academic lyceums.

Hours of Classes/week

2 classes in general secondary schools, up to ten classes in specialized schools or academic lyceums.

Public Relations


Letters from the Ministry of Public Education

Promotion contact

Ministry of Public Education

Statistics over the years
  • 2020: 139000 students from 11000 schools (98% of eligible schools)

Some 2 percent of schools have not participated due to the absence of higher grades in them.

Media coverage

National and local TV channels, Ministry of Public Education media outlets,, radio channels, print and online mass media.


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