IBO Tasks Book - pre-order form

This page allows you to pre-order the book

"IBO Assessments: Theoretical and Practical tasks from 2013 to 2015".

Pre-ordering via the form below is for IBO members. Pre-ordered books will be distributed at IBO 2022 in Yerevan / Armenia.

Not an IBO member?

If you're not part of this group and located in Germany, please contact Burkhard Schroeter at schroeter@leibniz-ipn.de with the number of book you wish to pre-order and your full address. If you are not an IBO member and not located in Germany, please contact your national IBO representative.

IBO Tasks Book - pre-order form
Origin of your National Olympiad (country / region)


*The costs are 25 Euro / book. Shipping costs to Yerevan are covered by the IBO association.

*Payment instructions (bank transfer or PayPal) will be provided to you after confirming this pre-order.



*Due to our limited logistical workforce and major international shipping costs, we ask that you pre-order the book. Pre-ordering means that you reserve a certain number of books, pay them, and then receive the books at IBO 2022 in Yerevan / Armenia.

* Each NBO receives one free copy. What you pre-order here is in addition to this free copy.


Note: You can revoke your pre-order at any time by sending an e-mail to: schroeter@leibniz-ipn.de


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