Rules & Guidelines

IBO has two major “legal” texts that all IBO members agree to and work with. These rules are enacted by the IBO Steering Committee.
The IBO Articles of Association describe the IBO association. These rules tell us, for example, who can become an IBO member or how we attain decisions.
The IBO Operational Guidelines describe all aspects relevant for the annual competition. They list, for example, items that have to be provided by an IBO host country.

In addition to these two major documents, we provide further guiding documents to help orientation, especially for the hosts.

The rule booklets

Articles of association 2019 [PDF, 227.2 KB] Download IBO Operational Guidelines [PDF, 707.9 KB] Download

Supportive documents

Guidelines for the host country [PDF, 150.2 KB] Download Designing a reliable IBO Theory [PDF, 1.4 MB] Download IBO Organigram [PDF, 1.1 MB] Download