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Sponsors are key partners of IBO. They help us support the organization of this competition on a yearly basis at a very demanding and challenging level. We express our gratitude to all our sponsors for allowing us to share knowledge and stimulate biological sciences to talented students from all over the world.

Why become an IBO Sponsor?
To support IBO is to support the merit of young international students and to show that your institution supports talent, hard work, and the commitment of the best of this young generation. You will also be motivating the teaching of biological sciences and help to increase scientific literacy.
Science matters! Science solves world problems, finds solutions, and improves our lives. Please show talented science students worldwide that you care about their work and appreciate their effort by becoming an IBO Sponsor.

There are three categories for sponsoring:

Bronze Sponsor:
Get your logo on our IBO Website with a link to your Institution.

Silver Sponsor:
All of the above, plus your logo on our posters during IBO, as well as the chance to include flyers of your institution in the bag of students and/or members of the jury during the following IBO.

Gold Sponsor:
All of the above (incl. large-size logo), plus the possibility to be present at the IBO with a stand / booth to advertise products or services.


A quick possibility for one-time donors (e.g., private persons, IBO alumni) to support our public benefit association is to donate through PayPal. Using your PayPal account, you can send us money to:

We can, of course, issue a receipt for your kind donation!

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