„National Contest in Knowledge“


Contact data

Country coordinator

Luka Velasevic

Hosting institution

Examination Centre of Montenegro (Ispitni centar Crne Gore)
Vaka Djurovica bb
81000, Podgorica
Montenegro, Montenegro


Appointing institution

Ispitni centar Crne Gore (EXamination Centre of Montenegro)

Vaka Djurovica bb

81000 Podgorica


Organization & structure

There are 2 contests – one for Elementary School Students and another one for the Secondary School Students. Only the Secondary School Students may participate in the selection for IBO.

There are two rounds of this competition. The 1st round is organized at schools and the 2nd one is organized by the Examination Centre itself, in collaboration with university professors. In the first round each school selects best students which are going to participate in the 2nd and final round of this competition. Best students from all participating schools compete in 2nd round, and the winners of 2nd round (in Secondary School category) are selected for IBO (usually the top 4 if they succeed in getting a minimum score of 75/100).

Secondary school students compete in two categories. Students of the first and the second grade compete in the first category and students of the third and fourth grade of the secondary school compete in the second category. Winners of both categories may be selected to participate in IBO. If needed, an additional round of selection can be organized to select the top 4 students from these two categories.

All rounds of this competition are organized through the theoretical Biology test.

Examination Centre is the official host and organizer of this competition.

Number of students in first round

We don't have the exact number of students at school competitions.

Examination Centre receives the list of the best ranked students before the 2nd round of competition is organized.


School tests include multiple choice, essay and similar questions (such as to draw or designate something).

Examination Centre of Montenegro is producing the tests. The authors of the tests are reputable university professors.

The 1st round is organized at schools (Elementary or Secondary, depending on the school the students attend). Then the best ones from 1st round take their tests at the university (2nd round) where all knowledge competitions are held.


The training is organized mainly at school. Schools and school teachers are involved. The training depends and vary from school to school (approximately one academic year). Some of them train at the university using different tests including exercising with old tests.

Study materials

1. Biology by Neil A Campbell and Jane B Reece. Pearson Education Inc.

2. A-Level Biology by W. D. Philips and T. J. Chilton. 

3. Biological Sciences By D. J. Taylor, N.P.O. Green and G. W. Stout.

4. Principles of Biochemistry A. L. Lehninger, D. L. Nelson.

5. The Nature of Life John Postlethwait and Janet Hopson.

6. Molecular Biology of the Cell Bruce Alberts, Dennis Bray, Julian Lewis, Martin Raff, Keith Roberts and James D. Watson. 

7. Practical Skills in Biology Allan Jones, Rob Reed and J. Wyers Addison.




Awards & prizes

Examination centre of Montenegro present awards to the winners (ranked from 1st to third place) in the form of certificates. Ministry of Education present awards in the form of money.


Type of students

All students can participate in the NBO.

School year


Biology hours/week

Minimum 2, maximum 6

Hours of Classes/week


Public Relations


Examination Centre informs schools, students and people through our local and national TV’s, newspapers and website. They also make interviews with participants, their teachers, professors, parents, etc.

Media coverage

Examination Centre informs schools, students and people through our local and national TV’s, newspapers, and website. They also make interviews with participants, their teachers, professors, parents, etc.


We currently do not have a logo, poster or leaflet of our NBO.